Science Olympaid Competition at Uintah Invitational

Submitted by tyler.lewis on Mon, 12/17/2018 - 10:18
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The Science Olympaid team competed at the Uintah Invitational on Saturday Dec 15th.  Maple Mountain had two teams competing and took 3rd and 4th place overall.  Science Olympiad consists of 23 events in different areas of science, technology, engineering and math.  The team scores are a composite of all individual scores.  Each team had some very impressive individual results; as a school our students got medals in 18 of 23 events.  Well done team! 
Our next competition will be at Maple Mountain High School on Feb 2nd for the 3rd annual Nebo Invitational.
3rd PlaceAnatomyJosephine Schmidt, Kali York
3rd PlaceAstronomy Elliot Layton, Kali York
1st PlaceBoomilever Bella Frasche, Anthony Bardsley
1st PlaceChemistry Lab Anne Dallon, Gideon Hale
5th PlaceCodebusters Trevor Larsen, Abigail von Bose
1st PlaceDesigner Genes Josephine Schmidt, Dallin Burton
3rd PlaceDisease Detectives Kyle Kober, Lauren von Bose
4th PlaceDynamic Planet Josephine Schmidt, Kali York
1st PlaceFermi Questions Trevor Larson, Bryson Evans
5th PlaceFermi Questions Dalton Hawk, Andrew smith
3rd PlaceForensics Jenni Pulido, Leslie Day
2nd PlaceFossils Josephine Schmidt, Bella Frasche
2nd PlaceGeoLogic Mapping Bryson Evans
6th PlaceHerpetology Kali York, Anthony Bardsley
1st PlaceMission Possible Ethan Wilson, Kyle Kober
2nd PlaceMousetrap Vehicle Anthony Bardsley, Bella Frasche
2nd PlaceProtein Modeling Eli Dallon, Tanner Meeks, Sydnee West
1st PlaceSounds of Music Elliot Layton, Hannah Orgill
2nd PlaceSounds of Music Gideon Hale, Jessica Pratt
2nd PlaceThermodynamics Anne Dallon, Trevor Larsen
2nd PlaceWright Stuff Anne Dallon, Samuel DelaCruz
3rd PlaceWright Stuff Anthony Bardsley, Andrew Smith
2nd PlaceWrite it Do it Samuel DelaCruz, Ethan Wilson
4th PlaceWrite it Do it Bella Frasche, Elliot Layton
Story and photo by Kyle Miller.