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Submitted by tyler.lewis on Thu, 03/30/2017 - 12:26
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The MMHS Drama Team just completed 2 days of Region competition. Our One Act play received Straight Superior ratings and received 3 of the 6 Judges Awards for Best Actress (Chloe Henry), Best Supporting Actress (Sophie Hill), and Outstanding Design and Tech.

The following students qualified for State in Individual Events, earning Superior ratings:

Isaac Maltby
Hannah Wood
Anastasia Kodemtsev
Alicia Austin
Gavin Henry
Marguerite Morgan
Sam Slade
Jaci Hulse
Michelle Squire
Corban Radford
Nicole James
Caitlin Martinez
Zac Thorn
Jayce Komiya
Chloe Henry
Talon Tippetts
Anton Moss
Ammon Hill
Sara Jefferies
Rebecca Draught
Shay Swenson
Sophie Hill
Savannah Henry
Talia Johnson

Story by Bradley Moss.