Reflections Contest Winners

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Fri, 12/17/2010 - 12:37

Maple Mountain High School had many students who participated in the 2010 Reflections contest. This year’s theme was “Together We Can.”  Students submitted work in the following categories:  3-D Art, Photography, Dance, Theater, Music, Literature, and Visual Art.

Lisa Rawle submitted in three categories, 3-D Art, Music, and Literature. Amber Rokovitz submitted a photograph entitled “Together We Can Change the Point of View,” which was a close-up of a bee on a flower. Jordyn Jones submitted a photograph of her father and her niece reaching for each other. Jalene Keliilki preformed a four person play entitled “Together it’s Possible.” Jonah Hadlock wrote a symphony piece entitled “Mixers.” Eileen Burkman won first place in Visual Arts with an oil painting entitled “Together We Can Weather the Storm.” Bronwyn Haws submitted a visual arts piece using graphite on stonehenge entitled “Together We Can Reach New Heights.” Madison McMurdie submitted two visual art pieces, a picture and a collage.   

The following students received an Award of Excellence and will continue on to Region competition: Katie Tanner (Dance), Jalene Keliiliki (Theater), and Jonah Hadlock (Music).

The following students received an Award of Merit and will also continue on to Region: Lisa Rawle (Literature), Eileen Burkman (Visual Arts), and Bronwyn Haws (Visual Arts).

Winners are follows:  3-D Art, 1st Chelsea Frisby, 2nd Lindsay Haupt, 3rd Bradley Clawson, and 4th Lisa Rawle; Photography, 1st Jordyn Jones, 2nd Amber Rokovitz, and 3rd Jennifer Krutsch; Dance, 1st Katie Tanner; Theater, 1st Jalene Keliiliki; Music, 1st Jonah Hadlock, 2nd Lisa Rawle, and 3rd Katie Tanner; Literature, 1st Kelsie Wilson, 2nd Lisa Rawle, 3rd Kartika Heikkila, and 4th Chelsea Frisby; Visual Arts, 1st Eileen Burkman, 2nd Bronwyn Haws, 3rd Madison McMurdie, and 4th Sarah Neff.

Picture Caption:
Eileen Burkman’s oil painting on canvas entitled “Together We Can Weather the Storm,” won 1st place in the Visual Arts category.

By Kinsey Williams, Jamie Farley, and Kalin Wall, MMHS Staff Writers