Orchestra Concert

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Last Wednesday, October 14, the orchestras had their fall concert. This was their first concert of the year. They practiced non-stop in preparation for this event. At home practice, in class rehearsals, and even before school sectionals; they were determined to get as much practice in as they could before the big concert. Andrew Stark said he was “excited but stressed” for the concert. Most of the orchestra students eemed to reflect this feeling of nervous excitement. Many felt they were prepared personally but had their doubts about the class as a whole. 

The concert began with the chamber orchestra performing a dance routine choreographed by Miss K’s sister. After that performance they played the chamber’s retreat video. Every year the chamber orchestra gets music to learn over the summer. They then get together and play it, making a video to go along with it. This year they played Waving Through a Window from Dear Evan Hansen. After the chamber’s video the concert orchestra came on and played their pieces; they played 221b Baker Street, Scherzo from Beethoven’s 9th Symphony, and The Journey. After they were done with their pieces they did an encore so parents could take pictures, and then the concert ended. 

After the concert Nathan Birch had this to say about it, “I think overall the concert did go well. We played our pieces good enough to sound good.” Both orchestras seemed happy with how their performances went. They were happy to finally finish up the pieces they had been working on. Miss K said that her favourite parts of the concert was when each section was able to blend together while playing. Her least favourite parts were the opposite. If she could have changed anything about the concert she said it would have been giving everyone more time to practice. All in all the class did great, and we look forward to their next performance.

Story by Connor Hatch, Hayden Limb, and Venna Burkhardt.