October Students of the Month

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Maple Mountain High School is proud to announce the October students of the month!

Sophomore Jannelyse Allred loves Dr. Seuss and his simple wisdom. “You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself in any direction you choose!” – Dr. Seuss. In five years, Jannelyse Allred sees herself graduated from MMHS, going to college, and/or on an LDS mission

A few of Jannelyse’s hobbies are to play piano, cello, sing, and play tennis. Her favorite subjects in school are music because she loves it and English because she loves to read and write. One thing that sets Jannelyse apart is her name. She says, “I’ve never met anyone with the same name or spelling.”

If Jannelyse could meet anyone in history, she would like to meet Abraham Lincoln and ask what was the most important thing he learned that taught him to be a good leader and friend.

Sophomore Carter Sites’ favorite quote is, “Set your goals high, and don’t stop till you get there.” – Bo Jackson. He likes this quote because it shows that your goals can be achieved. In five years, Carter sees himself in college working towards a degree.

Carter’s hobbies are playing golf, reading, and playing baseball. His favorite subject in school is chemistry because it’s interesting and fun. One thing that sets Carter apart is that he is easy going and can get along with anyone.

If he could meet anyone in history, Carter would meet Abner Doubleday (the inventor of baseball) and ask, “Did you expect baseball to become so popular?” 

Junior Hannah Mundinger’s favorite quote is, “It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are.” – E. E. Cummings. To her this demonstrates the vulnerability of humans but also the qualities of courage and perseverance, which is why it’s one of her favorites. In five years, Hannah would love to be living in Switzerland, or England. She will be going to medical school and then from there be starting an internship.

Hannah is extremely interested in anything BBC, Jane Austen, and the Regency Era.  She enjoys watching Masterpiece Classics by BBC about those things. Her favorite subject in school is chemistry. She finds the elements really fascinating, and Mrs. Villarta is an amazing teacher. She also loves sketching and sculpting. What makes Hannah different is that she loves to bring science, math, and logic into her art. She feels her art is much more scientific and calculated as opposed to being emotional. She enjoys creating juxtaposition and finding and recording opposites in life.

Hannah’s most embarrassing moment is when she tripped over her shoelace and broke her arm. She said, “Everyone found it incredibly funny while I found it incredibly humiliating.” 

If she could talk with anyone in history, she would love to ask president Lincoln how he managed to cope and proceed so exceptionally through the civil war and his personal traumas. 

Junior John Baadsgaard’s favorite quote is, “Live to bless, not impress.” He feels that if we pattern our lives after this motto, then we will be truly happy. In five year, John would like to going to college, have a good job, and be married. Science is his favorite subject in general. He loves learning about the “whys” of nature and learning about how the world works.

One of John’s hobbies is the piano. He plays and he teaches. He currently has 29 students and loves teaching.  He feels it is the best job he could have. He loves music in general. He also loves science and is on the school’s science Olympiad team. John also enjoys singing in the school choir and participating in the tri-music society, which is a music service club that he has been president of for 2 years.

Something interesting about John is that his parents used to put him to sleep by turning on the vacuum. It was the only thing that could calm him down. What makes John different from everyone else is that he knows how to work hard, is dependable, and does his best to help those around him.

John would like to meet Benjamin Franklin, and he would ask him how one person could change our nation, or even the world like he did.

 Senior Lindsey Flake’s favorite quote is, “Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.” – Dr. Seuss.  She likes that quote because it’s important to be yourself. In five years, Lindsey sees herself graduated from high school, going to college, serving a mission, have a decided major and be super rich.

Lindsey enjoys playing softball and basketball. Her favorite class is zumba because it’s good exercise and is super fun. One thing that sets Lindsey apart from everyone else is that she listens to Christmas music all year long, and it never gets old to her.

Lindsey would want to have a conversation with Walt Disney if she could talk to anyone in history. She would ask him who his favorite Disney princess is.

Senior Kade McKell’s favorite quote is, “Do not follow where the path may lead. Go, instead, where there is no path and leave a trail.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson.  He likes this because it says to not always follow others but do your own thing and let others follow you. In five years, he really wants to be studying to be a pharmacist at the University of Utah. His favorite subject is math. Not because it’s fun, but because it makes sense.

 Kade really likes being adventurous outside. In the spring and fall his favorite thing to do is ride dirt bikes. When it snows he loves snowboarding, and then during the summer he enjoys taking the family boat out on the lake. One thing that sets Kade apart is that he’s always busy. He’s never stuck at home watching TV because he’s working at Brookside, doing schoolwork, or traveling.

Kade said his most embarrassing moment “wasn’t the funniest moment in my eyes, but everyone there was laughing pretty hard. It was a few years ago when my family was vacationing in Hawaii. We had this little rental car and when we went to a gas station to grab a drink, we parked next to an identical car. I got into the wrong car while my family watched and laughed.”

Kade feels that he just has to have a talk with George Washington about his accomplishments.