Mrs. Carlson, the Newest Addition to Our Team

Submitted by tyler.lewis on Fri, 10/23/2020 - 13:08
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The teachers at Maple Mountain are some of the best in existence. It’s always a sad day to see a loved teacher go. This year we had to say goodbye to Mr. Miller, the physics teacher. We wish him the best. 

Who would we have to fill his shoes? The newest teacher on our Maple Mountain Staff is Mrs. Carlson! She took over the position as our physics teacher, but she also has the ability to teach chemistry if needed. Having graduated from BYU, Mrs. Carlson is well equipped to teach our students.

She loves the sciences. She loves that she can always find something out about the world through the sciences, and that the world functions in ways that we can determine. Mrs. Carlson has dabbled in many different sciences, but she has always been drawn to physics.

As a teenager, Mrs. Carlson dreamed of writing novels for a living. She loves all genres of literature, but her favorite genre is fantasy. She spends a lot of her free time reading and writing, but she also loves baking. Mrs. Carlson also considered being a teacher when she was younger, and that dream has come to fruition. 

When asked what advice she would give to the students of MMHS, she replied as follows: “I would remind the students that life is hard and requires a lot of work, you can and will succeed. If you keep trying and pushing yourself, you will succeed.” You heard her Eagles. Keep on persevering! We can make it through this tough time.

We are blessed to have so many wonderful teachers here at MMHS and we offer a warm welcome to one of our newest teachers. We hope that Mrs. Carlson will feel welcomed, and we’re very excited to have her as the newest member of our faculty.

Story by Carter Baldwin.