MMHS's next Test-to-Play is on Monday, April 12th.

Submitted by terry.krieger-james on Thu, 04/01/2021 - 15:21
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MMHS's next test-to-play day is Monday, April 12th, starting at 2:00pm.

A couple things to be aware of as we test:

Wear your mask to the testing and keep it on the entire time you are in the building or within 6 feet of another person.

We are scheduling you to come in teams to test. DO NOT show up at a time different than your team time. We are getting a giant line in the hallway that is counterproductive to all we are trying to do social distance to save our seasons!

Testing will happen in the cafeteria at MMHS. You will enter through the entrance in the commons, and then exit out the doors to the parking lot, so we have one-way flow.

If you have already filled out the survey, you DO NOT need to do it again. For anyone who is testing for the first time: The survey is online and has to be done before testing. PLEASE FILL OUT ASAP:

Team                 Time

  • Boys Lacrosse  2:00
  • Baseball           2:00
  • Choir               2:15
  • Softball            2:15
  • Girls Lacrosse  2:30
  • Boys Tennis     2:30
  • Cheer              2:30
  • Boys Soccer     2:45
  • Drill                 2:45
  • Girls Golf         2:45
  • Winter Guard    3:00
  • Volleyball         3:00
  • Football           3:00
  • Track               3:15

Thank you all for helping to make this process go as smoothly as possible. I really appreciate it!

Krista Prusak