MMHS STEM Ambassadors

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Maple Mountain High School’s STEM Ambassadors club had another successful year.  Having the opportunity to meet with students from Sierra Bonita and Mapleton Elementary schools, the STEM ambassadors taught principles of coding to all fifth grade students.  This was done by teaching stage two of  While some elementary students struggled, other students made it to stage three.  Jared Martin said the following, “Throughout my high school career, this has been one of my favorite classes that I have taken.  Most definitely my favorite part about this class has been teaching and connecting with the kids.”  Nikelle Barney stated, “Every time I walked into the class the kids would always be so happy to see me and my partner, calling out our names and telling us about how far they’ve gotten.”  Thanks to all the fifth grade students and STEM ambassadors for making this another successful year!x

Story and photos by Alan Marvin.