MMHS Prep of the Week- Austin Rowley

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Austin Rowley, a junior at Maple Mountain High, was chosen as the MMHS Prep of the Week for his exceptional wrestling ability and unbeaten record.   Recently, the wrestling team won the Millard Iron Man in which Rowley defeated past state champions en route to a 10-0 tournament record.

Rowley has been wrestling since he was 8 years old.  He believes that wrestling is the most mentally and physically difficult sport you can play and the most competitive.  Rowley says the best part of being on the wrestling team is the brotherhood you have with all your teammates.

“And were a really good team, so that feels good,” said Rowley

Rowley has set a goal for himself and his team to win the Region 8 title and hopefully a state title.

By Nick H. Taylor, MMHS Staff Writer