MMHS Ellevés Compete at Salt Lake Valley Classic Competition

Submitted by tyler.lewis on Tue, 12/12/2017 - 07:30
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The MMHS Ellevés competed in their first competition of the season, The Salt Lake Valley Classic Competition, at Juan Diego High School on Saturday, December 9. The Ellevés competed in the Pom, Hip Hop, Military, Dance, and Character categories. 

The Ellevés won 1st place in the Pom category, 2nd place in the Hip Hop category, 2nd place in the Military category, 3rd place in the Dance category, and 4th place in the Character category.  

This was also the Ellevés first time competing in the 5A division. The teams competing in the 5A division were all top teams, making the competition very tough.

Two Ellevés placed in the drill down. Annie Merrill won 3rd place and Valerie Friant won 1st place.

The Ellevés will now prepare for their next competition which is on January 6 at UVU.

Story and photos by Molly Brenchley.