MMHS Cheer

Submitted by tyler.lewis on Thu, 10/22/2020 - 10:40

Our cheer team here at MMHS work hard and spend a lot of time practicing.  They practice on B days from 6:30 a.m. until the end of first period. In addition to normal practice days, they occasionally meet before school on A days.  They will start having practices before school on A days in November.  During practices they go through their halftime routines, competition routines, and they work on stunting and tumbling.  

Not only do they cheer at the football games, they also compete in competitions.  When we asked Liv Larsen if the team has an overall goal for the year, she said "We want to do really well on our competitions and improve on our skills".  Briley Woodworth said that her favorite thing about doing cheer is "how you have to try as an individual. You can’t rely on everyone else for the routine to go right. You have to do your part."  Liv Larsen said, "I love all the girls on the team and how involved they are."  

We asked a couple girls from the team about how COVID has affected cheer this year.  Briley Woodworth said, "It has mainly affected other sports that we cheer at. We got a late start on practice so we aren't as far with skills that we want to be but are catching up. Other than that, it’s going pretty good despite COVID."  Liv Larsen told us, "We may not be able to compete, and it has made a few girls go into quarantine, which affects what we can do in practice."

Written by Brooklyn Martin, Andelin Barlow, and Keslee Van Orman.