Marching Band Season

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The Maple Mountain Marching Band has been hard at work practicing since July. It’s a  wonder they even had a season this year, with Covid-19. There almost wasn’t going to be a marching band season, as it is difficult to play an instrument with a mask.  The band has been engaged in their work, trying hard to create an amazing show. They were super excited to perform and show off all that effort. The homecoming game was their first opportunity to do so. The performance looked and sounded amazing. “I think everyone was just so excited to do it because we finally got to showcase all the hard work that we've put into the show. I'm glad to have had an actual audience to watch our show instead of a few people just watching to critique. It was a great feeling to be out there performing again,” said Ammon Brown. 

There are a lot of different sections, roles, and distinct things that people have to do to make the show what it is. “I really love the guard and coming to rehearsals. It’s really helped me make friends, and I love bonding with them and being able to perform with them. Working with them is a really rewarding experience, and it’s made my high school years so much more enjoyable so far,” says Samantha Johnson. Guard is only one of the many parts of the band. There is also the drumline, pit, brass, woodwinds, and drum majors. Not to mention the staff and parents that work just as hard as the band.

The show that they are performing this year is called Kodo, which means heart beat or children of the drums. The show is influenced by Japanese culture. In the opinion of the band, the music and movements are harder than any previous year. Band is determined to get better and better. 

Covid-19 has really impacted a lot of sports teams and extra curricular activities that so many people at our school enjoy. Thankfully, the band and other sports teams have figured out safer but still exciting ways to have their seasons and do their best to keep others and themselves Covid-free. Rehearsals that the band does are hard, hot, and later in the season, even freezing. So much time and effort has gone into they’re first performance. The Homecoming game performance was only the beginning, and the band is ready to take on whatever comes their way next

Kylie Weston, Evalee Ramirez, Aubrey Herrin, & Venna Burkhardt