Maple Mountain Sterling Scholars Announced

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Wed, 12/22/2010 - 21:41

Thirteen Maple Mountain High students have been named Sterling Scholars for 2010-2011. The students chosen will now go on to the state competition in February.  The categories and the students chosen are:

Business and Marketing:  Jessika Hilton, daughter of Steven Hilton and April James. When asked why she enjoys business, she said “You can go as far as you are willing to work for.”  Jessika’s advice to business students is, “Just go for it. Be willing to push yourself out of your comfort zone.” Jessika plans on attending Westminster College, in which she has already been offered a scholarship, and major in Communications.   After college graduation, she wants to own an editing and publishing company and an upper-class restaurant.

Computer Technology:  Clark Stephens, son of Corbett and Claudia Stephens loves computer technology “because it’s applicable to all other aspects of life…Today, everything is controlled by computers!”  His advice to those planning on joining the computer technology field is, “… once you’ve developed a passion (for computers), keep building on that foundation. You need to invest time into computers—just like any other talent—if you want to succeed at it.” Clark plans on serving an LDS mission, attending Brigham Young University to attain a master’s degree in Chemical Engineering and a minor in Computer Science.

Dance:  Katherine Tanner, daughter of Mark and Carol Tanner. When asked why she enjoys dancing, she said, “It’s where my passion lies. I have been dancing since I was really little. It’s something that allows me to express myself.” Her advice to dance students is, “Work hard. Never give up! Things may get in the way, but never allow yourself to get down. Push through and you will be surprised with what you can achieve. Don’t be afraid to shine.”   Katherine would like to eventually become a high school dance teacher.  She’s currently leaning towards attending Weber State University and majoring in dance with a minor in choreography.

English:  Jenny Hatch, daughter of Wendell and Charlene Hatch.  When asked why she enjoys English, Jenny said, “It’s practical and I will use it everyday for the rest of my life.”  Jenny’s advice to English students is, “Don’t get discouraged.  Take AP classes and have fun with English.”  Jenny’s future goals are to attend Brigham Young University, get married in an LDS temple, and raise a family.  In five year she sees herself graduate from school and working at a job she loves.

Family and Consumer Science:  Hannah Savage, daughter of Paul and Valerie Savage. Hannah says, “I love to sew, especially clothing.” Her advice to other students is, “Have fun and be creative. You can make anything if you find a good teacher and follow directions.” Hannah would like to attend Brigham Young University.   Someday she would like to purchase a quilting machine and have an at-home business.

Foreign Language:  Alicia Pulido, daughter of Eddy and Michelle Pulido. When asked what she likes about foreign language, she said, “Learning another language is beneficial for the future, so why not learn it?” Alicia’s advice to students learning a new language is, “Really have the desire to learn and then practice and immerse yourself in a language.” She plans on attending Brigham Young University and obtain a masters degree in linguistics and math education.

Mathematics:  Brynne Hansen, daughter of Doug and Allison Hansen. Brynne says, “I like the puzzles, I just find math fun.” Her advice to math students is “Don’t give up, sometimes it is confusing or complicated, you’ve just got to keep going till you get the answer.” Brynne would like to attend Brigham Young University and get earn a bachelors degree.

Music:  Braden Rymer, son of Susan and Randy Rymer. He loves music because it inspires him to be better. His advice to future students of the music field is to “be fully committed and enjoy every minute of it!” Braden plans on serving an LDS mission and afterward majoring in Piano Performance or Choral Conducting at BYU or the University of Utah enjoying life.

Science:  Ben Harvey, son of Randall and Deborah Harvey. He likes science because “it helps me to understand the world around me. From science we can discover and explain things that were once phenomena but now can be broken down and studied.” His advice to science students is, “Keep an open mind and have a vested interest in what you are learning.” Ben plans on wrapping up a bachelor’s degree in a science major at Brigham Young University.

Social Science:  Chase Brown, son of Marlan and Rita Brown. He loves this field because he loves learning about psychology and government. He advises future social science students to pay attention in class and study hard. Chase plans on majoring in psychology as an undergraduate degree and then continuing his college studies in the medical field at Utah State University or Southern Utah University.

Speech/Drama:  Matthew Jones, son of David and Jerilyn Jones.  Matthew says, “I love that theatre can touch the lives of audience members in powerful ways. Theatre is emotional, educational, intellectual, and so much more.”  His advice to speech and drams students is, “Theatre is becoming real characters with real problems and dilemmas. Characters that can breathe and live once you put forth the effort to truly become.” His plans are to graduate high school, serve an LDS mission, and graduate with a Bachelor’s in Fine Arts (theatre) and a minor in theatre education from Brigham Young University.

Trade and Technical Education:  Alex Sanders, son of Benjamin and DeAnn Sanders. He loves this field of education because, “I get to work in a field I’m very comfortable with.” His advice to students interested in this field is, “Learn as much as you possibly can and keep practicing.” Alex plans on attending Brigham Young University and serving in their TV broadcasting department and serving an LDS mission.

Visual Arts:  Bronwyn Haws, daughter of Dallin and Michelle Haws. When asked what she likes about art, Bronwyn said, “I love the fact that I can express myself in creative ways.”  Her advice to students who wish to pursue art is, “Create what you feel.”  Bronwyn would like to attend Brigham Young University or Utah State University. In five years, she would like to be a high school art teacher.

by Jake Harding and Brittney Eckhardt, MMHS Staff Writers