It’s 5 o’clock in the Morning

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As the alarm goes off at 4:30 in the morning, students on the swim team groan and stumble out of bed with baggy eyes and dragging feet.  Half asleep, they drive to the Springville Pool to begin practice.  

Ever since MMHS was built, the swim team has suffered many setbacks; the team has gone through two head coaches and two assistant coaches in the past three years!  “It is hard because the coaches don’t know my strengths and they have to go through the ‘get-to-know me’ phase with each coach.  It is frustrating,” says Junior Kaylie Mangot.  The early morning practices are another setback; because MMHS was the last school to join Region VIII, they were put at the bottom of the totem pole when it came to practice times.  Stuck with the early morning practice time of 5 to 6, few students are tough enough endure the grueling early morning practices throughout the season. 

Despite all of these challenges the swim team has done very well.  They have a returning head coach, Rachel Friel, who helped the girls take 3rd in region.  The freestyle relay took 5th in state and shaved lot of time from their previous record.  The team is looking forward to this year’s season and is excited to set new records.  Kiera Barton says, “I love how swim team is a team sport but also an individual sport.  I love how we push each other as a team, but I can improve as an individual as well.” 

Through all of these trials the team is pushing their way to the top.

Written by Chloe Harlan and Austin Jensen.