Internship at Revolution Manufacturing

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Jamie Farley, a senior at Maple Mountain High School, interns at Revolution Manufacturing, a snowboard factory. Farley is faced with many tasks including researching on the computer and even helping produce snowboards in the factory.

Farley says, “I love snowboarding and that is the line of business that I want to go into in the future. I’m more interested in the fashion and clothing side of the snowboarding business though. I am still really interested in this line of work. It’s something I’m really passionate about, and I know that it’s what I want to do in the future.”

Farley recalls an exciting experience she had on the job, “One time I got to work in the factory and they showed me everything that goes into making a snowboard.”

When asked if the internship program has been beneficial to her and if she would recommend it, Farley replied, “Yes, yes I would because it’s really fun and interesting for people that are into snowboarding.” 

Farley’s future plans include attending the University of Utah where she would like to major in business.

If you are interested in the internship program, please contact Mrs. Robyn Dunn, Work-based learning Coordinator, Maple Mountain High (801) 794-6740, or robyn [dot] dunn [at] nebo [dot] edu.


By: Kinsey Williams, MMHS Staff Writer