Information on Nebo Schools Opening this Fall

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This message is from Lana Hiskey, Nebo Community Relations Specialist:

Dear Nebo District Families:

Thank you for your support during these challenging and changing times in education and in our communities.  Our Nebo education teams have spent the past several weeks working on plans to safely bring students back to school this fall.  Now that we have final requirements from state officials for K-12 School Reopening, we are finalizing our plans and preparing to share those details in the coming days.

We are focusing the majority of our resources and efforts toward having all students receive At-School Learning:  face-to-face instruction, at the school, every day.  It is our understanding that this approach is preferred by most of our students, parents, and educators.  We also recognize that this approach may not work for some of our students.  Therefore, we will also offer Remote Learning for those who need it.

Final information regarding At-School Learning and Remote Learning options will be sent to families sometime in mid-July.  That communication will also include a survey for parents/guardians to complete regarding feedback from their experiences this past spring to help finalize our Remote Learning plan and other key planning pieces. In order to help families prepare, the following summaries are being considered:

At-School Learning

  • All students receive instruction at the school every day – full time.
  • Parents perform daily wellness checks of each student before school attendance.
  • Physical/social distancing will be implemented where possible.
  • Students and employees wear face masks when social distancing is not possible.
  • Bus students must wear face masks and will have assigned seating.
  • Enhanced sanitizing practices and routines will be implemented.
  • IEP and 504 plans will be met.

Remote Learning

  • Students will be assigned a Nebo Remote Learning teacher.
  • Primary instruction will be focused on reading, writing, mathematics, and science; with supplemental support in other curricular areas.
  • IEP and 504 plans will be met.
  • Those who choose Remote Learning will need to stay with that option for the first term/quarter of the year.

Online registration will begin on July 13 and must be completed by July 30 to confirm your choice and finalize school registration. We hope that this initial information helps you begin to make family plans for the coming year and to prepare to make your selection for At-School Learning or Remote Learning for your child.