Homecoming Week Recap

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Amid turmoil and confusion, our dire students struggled to find ways to keep their Homecoming dreams alive. First, being interrupted by Covid, these students felt defiant. Eager to return to a sense of normalcy, the students rushed to school, genuinely excited to be there for the first time this school year. With the occasional whine and grumble, the students accepted that their future at school would require masks. Talking muffled and stuffy breath, students kept a single focus in their hearts. If only we can have our Homecoming dance… that’s all we need. And then, out of nowhere, the unthinkable happened. So solemnly and sorrowfully, the administration announced that the Homecoming dance had been cancelled. 

Horror was etched across the faces of the students. Tears were shared, anger was expressed, and all hope seemed to be lost. What could save our defeated students from this dire time? 

Then, out of nowhere, a hero was born. Our fantastic student council conversed and debated, with help from the administration, to find ways to keep our Homecoming dreams alive. Slowly but surely, a plan was born. On Monday, nothing… it was Labor Day, meaning no school. But on Tuesday the fun began! The iteration of the HoCo games was born! Adapted from the students’ Golden Games from quarantine, these HoCo games consisted of different challenges that the students could participate in and compete for grand rewards, fame, and the glory of the whole student body - examples can be found on the MMHS Student Council Instagram page (@mmhscouncil). That evening volleyball competed in an epic battle resulting in a triumphant victory for our noble players. 

Wednesday was the 11th annual PowderPuff game. Last years’ victors, the current class of seniors, were eager to uphold their title and become the first class in MMHS history to win both as juniors and seniors. On the other hand, the current class of Juniors were ready to defeat the defending champions and frustrate their plan of glory. Through a fierce battle, both sides competed admirably. But after all was said and done, the seniors took the trophy to be rewarded with fame and glory.

Thursday was a little more calm, but still filled with excitement. Thursday was deemed the spirit day. All MMHS attendants, both faculty and students, were invited to come to school showing off all their MMHS swag. Everywhere you looked, your vision was filled with black, maroon, and gold… and forest green! Way to represent Eagles.

Friday was the prize of the week. In the morning came the HoCo assembly, revealing the HoCo royalty. Our student body president, Rachel Wasden, took the position of Homecoming Queen. Serving as first attendant was Brynn Belka and as second attendant, Kristi Mendenhall. Together, these three girls drew the attention of all that watched and took the field. The assembly wasn’t their only appearance, however. In the evening, our HoCo royalty also made an appearance at the legendary Homecoming football game. Along with royalty, marching band, our original famous Melleves, and our dance company performed. Inspired by the eagle pride that was present at the game, our faithful football team took another victory at home against Murray, to make their record 4-1 for the season. 

Through the confusion and frustration of it all, the students realized that even without their beloved Homecoming dance, they were still able to make the most out of the situation they had and were able to make this year’s Homecoming as unforgettable as any other. Hang in there Eagles!

Written by Carter Baldwin and Rylee Salmon.