Golden Eagles Visit Washington, DC

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Just before Thanksgiving, students from Maple Mountain High School traveled to Washington, DC. Students visited the National Archives, Washington Monument, Library of Congress, Capitol Building, Lincoln Memorial, Gettysburg, Arlington Cemetery, Iwo Jima, Jefferson Monument, Mount Vernon, Smithsonian, WW2 Memorial, and The Wall.

Students commented on the most impactful places they toured.

“Holocaust Museum, to see what they had to go through and that some got through it,” said Rose Gashler.

Maquel Evans said, “Holocaust museum, it actually showed the depth in which the horror was facilitated, cause it showed you how many people died.”

 “Everything, but my favorites where the monuments, they showed how important the leaders were,” said Anna Cronquist.

Ryan Parry said, “Holocaust museum, you get to see the horror that went on.”

“Holocaust museum because it was sad and inspiring and Fuddruckers because of their delicious food,” said Cronquist.

Students learned many important facts.

“The Washington Monument is 555 Feet tall,” said Payne

“How our country was founded, the war memorial, how many people were involved,” said Cronquist

“I didn’t know that the Germans started killing the mentally ill and handicapped people first, it was severely traumatizing that the government told the police they had stopped when in fact they kept murdering this group only in secret,” said Evans

“When he was in office, President Clinton gave personal tours of the White House,” said Parry

“People are buried every day in Arlington Cemetery and the Unknown Soldier has been identified,” said Gashler

The following advisors and students attended:

Advisors:  Gary Miner (teacher), Gregg Smith (teacher), John Penrod (principal), Mike Conquist, Haden Penrod, Jacob Smith, Laura Tramell

Students: McKell Adamson, Jeremy Arbon, Sidni Braithwaite, Eilen Burkman, Bailey Chiniquy, Brad Clawson, Anna Cronquist, CJ Egles, Abbey Eriksson, Maquel Evans, Brandon George, Ben Harvey, Cecil Jacobson, McKell James, Kately Jones, Nicole Killian, Ashley Lish, Brooke Mckell,

By Micala Pearson and Jamie Gashler, MMHS Staff Writers