Elementary Intern at Hobble Creek

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Kaitlin Schramm, senior at Maple Mountain High school, is currently interning at Hobble Creek Elementary. Schramm likes grade school and teaching because she loves being around children.

Schramm’s duties include helping students with math problems as well as collecting and grading papers.  Something that was impactful for Schramm was when some of the girls in the class helped her complete an art project and they made her a name tag to display it. This made Schramm feel part of their class.

Schramm said she is still very interested in this line of work after the internship concludes.  She says all the children in the class are fun and energetic which makes her excited for when she will be able to teach. Schramm recommends an internship to other students because it gives you experience and you receive a better understanding of the career in which you want to pursue.

If you’re interested in the internship program, please contact Mrs. Robyn Dunn, Work-based Learning Coordinator, Maple Mountain High, (801) 798-6740, or robyn [dot] dunn [at] nebo [dot] edu.

By Kaylie Smith, MMHS Staff Writer