Dance Company Attends the Shakespearean Festival

Submitted by tyler.lewis on Tue, 11/05/2013 - 14:42

Every year the Maple Mountain Dance Company has the opportunity to travel to Cedar City and compete at the Shakespeare Festival.  Dancers and actors from different schools all over Utah gather as they take classes and compete in various categories.  This year the dance team took an ensemble and duet piece to be adjudicated.

The dance was titled “Corner of your Heart” based on a Shakespearean quote about the complications of love; it was choreographed by Kathryn Southworth (Sophomore), Lexi Robinson (Junior), and McCall Moon (Senior).  The dance company was awarded 4th place out of 15 schools.  Kathryn said, “The hardest part of choreographing was trying to interpret the quote with the movement.  But, I really enjoyed choreographing and would do it again.  Shakespeare overall was a ton of fun!”

McCall Moon (Senior) and Faith Taylor (Sophmore) choreographed and competed an original piece titled “People Help the People.”  It placed 5th out of 18.  The dance was inspired by a quote referring to how it is difficult to find happiness in life when you are going through trials.  “What drove me most in choreographing was that I have experiences relating to the quote that helped me to better interpret it.” Faith said.  When asked what the hardest part of choreographing was she said, “Even though choreographing is really difficult, it was nice to have a partner to bounce ideas off of.”

The company also took master classes of different genres of dance.  Some styles included Jazz, Modern, Ballet, and Ballroom.  It was such a great opportunity for the dancers to take a mixture of different dance styles because it unified the team and strengthened their dance technique.  The team enjoyed their experience and are looking forward to next years Shakespeare Festival.

Story by Whitney and McCall Moon.