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Cross country is a sport that keeps on running. Members of the cross country team say that running is fun and gets you into shape but the best part is the team. The team is like a family because everyone is close, and there is a sense of unity. Most recruits join to see what all the hype is about or because a friend is on the team. They then end up getting hooked. When we asked the team what they would say to someone who wants to join, most responses mentioned how the people on the team are fun, and it feels rewarding after the races. Pria Sanders got a new personal record at the last meet by 2 minutes!

 In addition, advising new members, Clark Baker said, “It's fun, and everyone there is chill. The team is great.” If you like running then you should join the Cross Country team, and although sign-ups for this year are over, next year is open for recruits. If you’re on the track team then you may also enjoy cross country, you’ll probably even know some of the team already has most of the Cross Country team also does track. 

To prepare for a race, the team usually gets together and eats tons of good food. This is called carbo-loading, where the runners make sure they have extra energy for their race! The night before the race team makes sure to get a full 10 hours of sleep before their races. Other than right before races, the runners are constantly getting ready. They practice typically five to six times a week, both on their own and as a team. As for what the team wears, everyone seems to have their preferences, from Nike to Adidas, Underarmour to Brooks, and so much more. The common clothing theme is light clothes that don’t rub, and shoes that are comfortable and stylish.

Covid-19, according to the team, really hasn’t changed the sport much. Since runners are outside and spaced out masks aren’t necessary. The only difference it seems to have made is the team has to wear masks before the practices and races.

So if you’re looking for an enjoyable team sport that encourages self-improvement over winning then cross country is the sport for you. Members of the Maple Mountain Cross Country team seemed confident that we will make state this year, though a few had some doubts and questioned whether we could or not. So why not help us win state next year! The team would love to have you!

Connor Hatch and Hayden Limb.