Caroline Hickey - State Sterling Scholar Winner

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Caroline Hickey -- Vocal Performance
School: Maple Mountain High School
Parents: Emily Hickey and John Hickey
Hometown: Mapleton

"I get great joy from teaching others and plan to teach vocal performance to my future children and others in the community. I also find that when I teach and share with others, I learn from those I teach. Just as Disney puts it wonderfully in the song 'Son of Man,' 'In learning you will teach, and in teaching you will learn.'

"I love singing and music and appreciate the enrichment it brings to my life. The beauty of singing, the opportunities to serve, learn and teach, and the increased enjoyment of the musical works of others will continue to enrich my life." 

SCHOLARSHIP: Cumulative GPA is 4.0; 25 composite ACT. Class rank: 1 of 435.
AWARDS AND ACCOMPLISHMENTS: First place at National Association of Teachers of Singing, 2015; student body president.

Story by Lana Hiskey.