BYU German Language Fair

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44 students went to the BYU German Language Fair last week and did so well! At the language fair, students from all over the state get to compete against each other in different categories. All categories require students to show great understanding of the German language and culture. No other school in the state won in as many categories as we did. Please congratulate these students on their amazing achievements!

German Interview (no other school even placed in this event)
- Superior 3rd place: Ryan Young, Sawyer Schramm, 
- Superior 2nd place: Dillan Shepherd, Luke Bell, Matthew Kearl, Lillian Ryskamp
- Superior 1st place: Sierra Sherman, Madison Tilton

Baked Goods
- Superior 1st place: Natalie Seiler
- Excellent rating: Kara Hickman

Visual Arts
- Excellent rating: Madison Tilton

Culture Trivia
- Superior 2nd place: Ben Browne, Dalton Hawk, Sawyer Schramm, Ryan Young

- Excellent rating: Jonah Fuhriman, Adam Stark, Simon Cannon, Colby Norman

Winner of the tournament: Gio Castillo, Danny Garcia, Jackson Card, Taeber Glazier

Please congratulate these students on their amazing achievements in German!
Story and Photo by Sandra Riley.