Bryson Strong Week

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Last week our school made a whole week geared towards raising money for Bryson McQuivey’s cancer treatments.  We called it 15 Strong Week because Bryson’s number on the football team is 15.  Each day of the week there was a different activity to help raise money for his illness.  We also dressed in certain themes each day.  

On Monday there was a bikeathon, where people pledged money to give to Bryson for each mile they biked.  Many people were key contributors to this activity.  Mr. Jones rode 55 miles on his bike, and he really enjoyed the experience. “It was good,” said Jones. Our principle, Shea Bradshaw, also rode many miles on his bike to contribute to the fundraiser.  

On Tuesday, there was a pickleball tournament, each team had to pay 15 dollars to enter, and there were many teams. 

On Wednesday, Chick-Fil-A and Cafe Zupas pledged a percentage of their sales on that day to go towards Bryson’s treatments.  A lot of our students went to those restaurants that day to support Bryson.  

Thursday was the football game against Provo. Students purchased 15 strong shirts from the school and wore them to the game.  All of the money from the shirts went towards helping Bryson.  

Finally, on Friday there were games during lunch to reward all the students for the support and love they showed to Bryson and his family. 

We are impressed with the amount of people who participated and donated. Also a big thank you to the student government for organizing the activities and spending countless hours planning and making sure each activity was successful. Joseph Asay, a member of the student council, said that they spend a lot of time and effort planning in each activity. He said, “I spent 3 hours every day that week helping.” They also helped get the word out there. Our school is known for its kind students and teachers — we support our community. This week just made that statement even more true.

Story by Hyrum Spendlove, Bridger Farnworth, and Max Lee.