The Art of Sculpting Students

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“I like to sneak up on my students and see if they’re working,” tells Mr. Brandon Barrett, new Art Teacher at Maple Mountain High.

This fun loving sarcasm and sense of humor are just a few qualities of our new art teacher. Before teaching, Mr. Barrett worked in a snowboard factory, where he constructed snowboards, long boards, and skateboards.  In his youth, he had a friend that was playing with a bat; and, when he came down the stars, his friend swung it at his head.  He was lucky to survive; ended up with fourteen screws and six plates in his head.  

“I’m like robo-cop, but twice as cool,” exclaims Mr. Barrett 

This is his first year teaching, and he’s enthusiastic.  His “hands-on” teaching style (literally with ceramics) is a fantastic way for students to excel in art.   Mr. Barrett considers his most rewarding experiences are when he learns from those around him--staff, faculty, and students.   He’s built on healthy competition and takes pride in the art program.  A goal of both he and fellow art teacher, Jethro Gillespie, is to produce the best art program in the state. In addition to teaching ceramics and 3D design, he also teaches financial literacy and loves every moment he has with the students.


by Justin Thorn and Olin Andersen, MMHS Staff Writers