April Students of the Month

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MMHS is proud to announce the April Students of the Month! 

Sarina Van Orman

“Be yourself. Everyone else is taken.” –Oscar Wilde. Sarina likes this quote because it reminds her to be true to herself and make choices that are best for her. She thinks it’s important to be happy with who you are.

Five years from now Sarina wants to see herself as a returned sister missionary and going to college at BYU.

Sarina really enjoys reading, singing, and writing poetry. She also had a blast this year on the sophomore volleyball team here at the school. Sarina is a big Beatles fan and thinks it would be cool to meet them and hear their music live. 

One thing that makes her unique is that she can’t whistle! She also always tries her very best and enjoys competitive games of ping-pong or basketball elimination. 

Sarina’s favorite class has been ASL this year. Mrs. Zaremba makes it a lot of fun and she has a blast using what she learns to have signed conversations with her friends.

Taylor McEntire

“When I’m sad, I stop being sad and be awesome instead.” –Barney from “How I met your mother.”  The reason why this is his favorite quote is that it reminds him that we an always be sad, but we can choose whether or not we are sad.

In five years, Taylor sees himself returning home from an LDS mission, beginning school at BYU, and starting his pre-medical study. He loves anything to do with the fine arts and medicine. They are his two biggest interests.

The funniest thing that happened to Taylor was during a cross-country race in Park City, about halfway through his right shoe came untied, but he never stopped to tie it. Then, a few minutes later, his left shoe came undone. He never stopped. So then, when crossing the finish line he stepped on his own shoelace and slipped right onto the wet grass.

Taylor would talk to Joseph Smith if he could talk to anyone from history. He would simply ask him what his life was like, and how he could live in it like that and still have so much faith.

Shayla Adams

“The only thing I can do to ensure a better tomorrow is to be better than the person I was yesterday.” This is Shayla’s favorite quote because she struggles with confidence and being proud of herself, but all she wants to be is a better person. The only way she can achieve that is by making improvements to beat out the girl she was yesterday. The worst thing you can do is compare yourself to others; because they are not you and you are not them. She wishes to someday be a lighthouse. To her, the greatest act of service you can give is a light to someone who is in the dark.

In 5 years Shayla hopes to be almost done with college, have a better sense of where she belongs for the next 79 years, and even possibly be married or engaged.

Shayla absolutely loves being outside. She lives off of the sun! She enjoys taking pictures, painting, writing, playing pitcher, short stop, and 1st base in softball, playing volleyball, snowmobiling, and wakeboarding.

The funniest thing that happened to her was when she was snowmobiling up in Idaho this last winter. She said, “I gunned it up an extremely steep hill, and when I hit over the top, I flew off to my left in the most awkward, graceful fall. Just as soon as I hit the ground, I rolled and was right back on my feet and hoped back on the machine. I looked to my right and my friend was just sitting there staring at me in awe! Pretty Epic Fall!”

 One thing that makes Shayla unique is that her best friend, who is leaving on a mission at the end of the summer, baptized her at when she was 16 years old on April 13, 2013.

 If Shayla could talk to anyone in history, she would talk to Hitler. She would simply ask, “Any second thoughts?”

Her two favorite subjects are fitness jogging and photography. During school days, Shayla sits and watches how kids are left out. But when you’re working out and playing games, it becomes so easy to interact with teammates and participate. She loves photography because it gives her a chance to show others what her eyes see. Even though she can be shy, it helps her reach out to others and let them in her world.

Shadoe Holm

“Be tough or be gone!” The reason why that is his favorite quote is because when he was a little kid, his grandma gave him a book that was titled “Be tough or be gone!” It is about a man that stayed strong when no one else could.

In five years Shadoe hopes to be on a large ranch where he can work cows, farm, and maybe have a family. He would also like to stay active in his dad’s welding company.

Shadoe loves working with cows, horses, and just about any other animal. He loves camping, horseback riding, and going for long drives.

The funniest thing that happened to him was when he was eight; he fell into a cactus and had to ride his bike home in his underwear. If Shadoe could meet anyone in history, he would meet Chris LeDoux to have a conversation with him.

 Animal Science is his favorite class because that is one field I would enjoy going into for a career.

Kara Gilstrap

“If we don’t try, we don’t do; and if we don’t do, then why are we here?” –President Thomas S. Monson. Kara likes this quote because it inspires her to go out and try new things.

In five years, Kara sees herself graduated from college as a dance major, teaching dance at a studio, and possibly starting a family. Her favorite hobbies are dancing, playing the piano, and reading.

Kara thinks it is everything about her that makes her unique because everyone is unique. No two people are the same.

If able to talk with anyone in history, Kara would want to talk with her Grandpa Gilstrap who passed away when she was 3. She would like to talk with him about his life and experiences.

Kara’s favorite class is Dance Company! She thinks it’s nice to take a break from the normal school atmosphere and to learn in a different way.

Alec Francis

Alec’s favorite quote is, “I see no point in living if I can’t be beautiful.” –Howl

Five years from now Alec sees himself studying Graphic Design at USU. My favorite hobbies are graphic design, guitar, and photography.

The funniest thing that happened to Alec was due to his premature facial hair. A 24-year-old once asked me on a date when I was only 16. After informing her of his age, she became very flustered and ran away.

What makes Alec unique is that he has blond hair, black eye brows and red side burns.

His favorite classes are anything pertaining to art. He loves to create things that he is proud of and loves to have a deep conversation with the art teachers.