Adjusting to Life With Masks

Submitted by tyler.lewis on Tue, 09/22/2020 - 14:40

This year started out like no school year ever has before. For the first time, we have been required to wear masks to school everyday in an effort to stop the spread of Covid-19. If a year ago it was common knowledge that masks would be necessary in schools, an uproar would’ve been the response. Now everyone wears masks, and it seems unnatural to see someone not wearing a mask. 

Needing to adjust to this new lifestyle has been hard on everyone. Masks make it hard to hear and understand what people are saying. They can be really hot and stuffy, and it feels hard to breath sometimes. On top of that, if you wear glasses they can fog up your lenses. Because of these issues, going to school under these circumstances can be extremely difficult. However, students are very fortunate to have the opportunity to go to school when many others around the world have to do online school. 

Some students at our school have looked at their circumstances with the “glass half full” attitude. Shelby Shellstrom, a senior, said “Honestly, I don’t really mind it that much. Even though it’s a new thing for everybody else, I’ve always enjoyed wearing masks.” Every year Shelby participates in the talent show, and that’s when masks first interested her. Because of Shelby’s unique masks, she is often met with stares, “especially when going to the store, it’s always fun to see how people react or compliment them.”

Matthew Haderlie, a sophomore, when asked about his feelings towards wearing a mask said, “I don’t like it but if it means I get to go to school I’ll wear them.” When asked about his day to day experience, Matthew said, “having to deal with the mask every day is frustrating, but at least I get to see my friends.” Despite the gloom that masks brought to this school year, we can all find something positive in this situation. Regardless of your opinion on masks, we’re all just grateful to be back in school.

Story and photo by Naomi Memmott.