State Choir/Spring Concert

Submitted by tyler.lewis on Wed, 05/18/2022 - 13:21
Spring Choral Showcase

We wanted to give you an update on State! 

Chamber Singers- Straight Superiors (All 1's)
Concert Choir- Straight Superiors (All 1's)
Sorelle Voce- All Superiors (got two 1's and one 1-, but still an overall score of 1!)
Men's Chorus- Straight Superiors (All 1's)
Women's Chorus- Straight Superiors (All 1's) at Region (they don't go to state because they're a non-auditioned group)

Congratulate these students! They've worked VERY hard for an extremely long time. 

Also, just in the case you have nothing better to do tonight, please feel free to come to our Spring Choral Showcase! It starts tonight (Wednesday) at 7 PM in the auditorium. 

Thank you for the support! 

Story by Braden Rymer.