School Community Council

2023-2024 Meeting Schedule 

September 19, October 20, November 21, January 16 February 20, March 19, April 16

All meetings will take place from 3:00-4:00 p.m. in the MMHS Eagles Nest.


2023-2023 Agendas and Minutes

2023-2024 MMHS SCC Council Members

2022-2023 Agendas and Minutes

2022-2023 MMHS SCC Council Members

2021-2022 Minutes and Agendas

2021-2022 MMHS SCC Council Members


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Purpose and Function of the School Community Council:

A School Community Council is created for the purpose of; (a) involving parents or guardians of students in decision making at the school level; (b) improving the education of students; (c) prudently expending School LAND Trust Program money for the improvement of students' education through collaboration among parents and guardians, school employees, and the Board of Education; and (d) increasing public awareness of: (i) school trust lands and related land policies; (ii) management of the State School Fund established in Utah Constitution, Article X, Section V; and (iii) educational excellence. In this regard, the responsibilities of the School Community Council are advisory in nature. The authority of the Council does not supersede the authority of the principal, the superintendent, or the Board of Education.

 SCC Rules of Order and Procedure:

 Each Council must adopt rules of order and procedure to govern its meetings. Each meeting must be conducted in accordance with the rules, and the rules must be made available at each meeting and on the school’s website. The rules must govern the following:

  • Parliamentary order and procedure
  • Ethical behavior
  • Civil discourse


School LAND Trust Funds:

Members of the School Community Council (parents, teachers, and the principal, in collaboration with an approving entity) shall use School LAND Trust Program funds in data-driven and evidence-based ways to improve educational outcomes, including:

  • strategies that are measurable and show academic outcomes with multi-tiered systems of support; and
  • counselors and educators working with students and families on academic and behavioral issues when a direct impact on academic achievement can be measured.

School LAND Trust Program expenditures are required to have a direct impact on the instruction of students in the particular school’s areas of most critical academic need. A school may not use School LAND Trust Program funds for the following:

  • To cover the fixed costs of doing business;
  • For construction, maintenance, facilities, overhead, security, or athletics; or
  • To pay for non-academic in-school, co-curricular, or extracurricular activities.

A school district or local school board may not require a council or school to spend the school’s School LAND Trust Program funds on a specific use or set of uses.

A council may budget and spend no more than $7,000 for in-school civic and character education, including student leadership skills training and digital citizenship training as described in Section 53G-7-1202.

  • A school may designate School LAND Trust Program funds for an in-school civic or character education program or activity only if the plan clearly describes how the program or activity has a direct impact of the instruction of students in the school’s areas of most critical academic need.
  • A school may use a portion of the school’s School LAND Trust Program funds to provide digital citizenship training as described in Section 53G-7-1204.

Notwithstanding other provisions in this rule, a school may use funds as needed to implement a student’s Individualized Education Plan. Student incentives implemented as part of an academic goal in the School LAND Trust Program may not exceed $2 per awarded student in an academic school year.

MMHS will receive $226,818.31 from the School Land Trust Program for the 2022-2023 school year.

2022-2023 School Plan

2021-2022 Final Report

2020-2021 Final Report

School Land Trust Plan, dollar amounts received, and recent plans and reports can be viewed here.


Teacher and Student Success Act Plan/School Land Trust Plan (current year)