Region Drama Competition Results

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Nicole Cragun, Kaylene Neo, and Annie Call received first in Musical Theatre.

Here are the results of our Region Drama competition yesterday- our team did fantastic! We won Third in the Sweepstakes, and the following students got individual awards:

Third place in Humorous Monologues and Best Supporting Actor in a One Act: Joe Nelson

Second place in Contemporary Scenes: Joy Coxson, Alexis Jensen, and Abby Vierra

First place in Musical Theatre: Nicole Cragun, Kaylene Neo, and Annie Call

Second place in Pantomime: Cecily Dyer

Third place in Scenic Design: Daniel Cooper

The following students qualified to bring their pieces to State:

  • Rachel Whyte
  • Kenyon Hales
  • Joe Nelson
  • Carissa Sharp
  • Carter Brandon
  • Gwen Dyer
  • Eli Hewett and Charlotte Hansen
  • Alexis Jensen, Joy Coxson, and Abby Vierra
  • Jace Williams, Kenzie Tenney, and Anthony Ramirez
  • Rylee Newman and Autumn Sansom
  • Spencer Baird
  • Cecily Dyer
  • Aspen Pommerening and Jackson Nuttall
  • Nicole Cragun, Kaylene Neo, and Annie Call
  • Gabrielle Morgan|Josh Udy
  • The entire Drama 3 class performing our One Act
Story by Paige Stephenson.