Nebo Goats Mountain Biking Team - Maple Mountain Riders

Submitted by tyler.lewis on Wed, 10/27/2021 - 12:02
Maple Mountain students before the race.
Maple Mountain students racing.
Maple Mountain student racing.

Nebo Goats Mountain Biking Team, Maple Mountain Riders, State Championship Event in St. George, Oct 22-23. 

16th Place (out of 135)- Preston Johnson (Varsity)
8th Place (out of 203)- Walter Rose (JV A Boys)
6th Place (out of 97)- Wilson Engler (JV B Boys)       
76th Place (out of 97)- Bryce Woerner (JV B Boys)
49th Place (out of 95)- Corban Preston (JV C Boys)
54th Place (out of 95)- Henry Jensen (JV C Boys)
72nd Place (out of 99)- Lorin Payne (Freshman Girls)

Maple Mountain also took home the 3rd Place State Award for points.