MMHS Skills USA Nationals Welding

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MMHS welding students with Mr. Massic and Mr. Payne at Skills USA Nationals Welding.

MMHS has 5 National medalists in welding.

Graduated senior Ben Cornaby won 1st place in individual welding of almost 50 competitors. He's now going to put himself in competition for the single spot for world skills. Over the next 6 months he'll compete again to try and be selected for the USA team in France September of 2024.

Juniors Jaxon Archibald, Walter Rose and Josh Jackson won 1st place in welding fabrication of almost 50 competitors. They will try and make a repeat next year.

Junior Zach Ward took 2nd place in CPR and first aid. He was well hopes to attend next to better his scores.

Junior Jackson Buck took 23 of over 30 masons in bricklaying. It was very tough on him, he's still deciding if he's going to reattempt.

Seniors Kristjan Martinson and Miles Browne Tom 8th in 3D animation. This was fantastic being mostly self taught.

Side note, former MMHS welding student, Seth Christmas has been selected to represent the USA for world skills in France for automotive refinishing.

Go Golden Eagles!