MMHS Cross Country Information

Submitted by terry.krieger-james on Mon, 07/11/2022 - 09:55
1. Practice Schedule Starting July 7th (Thursday)
Next week we will begin daily practices for everyone. These are the meeting locations we will be using for the month of July. Please note we will not have practice in town the week of July 25-July 29 because we will be at XC Camp
  • Mondays: Hobble Creek Elementary
  • Tuesdays: Ira Allen Park
  • Wednesdays: MMHS (South of School)
  • Thursdays: Maple Grove Middle
  • Fridays: Canyon View Park
2. Cross Country Camp (July 25 - July 29)
I finally heard from the camp directors about pricing. As expected, prices have risen. To help with that, I am using some budget money to knock the price down a little for everyone, but the total cost this year will be $245. This includes all transportation, lodging, food, a shirt, and camp activities. Last year we had a great time. I am hoping you will strongly consider coming. Please see the linked Camp Letter Here. After you have read the information and discussed it with your parents, please fill out this attendance survey. This helps with shirt and food ordering. Please note it is not a requirement to come to camp. I realize there will be conflicts and financial obstacles. However, if you can come, please join us. Camp is an experience that breeds a lot of confidence, builds a lot of unity, and sets up the season well. Please note, as great as camp is, it can be a negative experience if one is not prepared. As you plan to come, please be seeking consistency in your running.
3. Cross Country Class. Fall A-4
For the last few years, we have offered an A4 XC class. This will be the case again. Athletes are NOT required to be in the XC class. It is, however, an opportunity for those who love this sport to spend more time practicing and learning about the sport. Those who enroll are expected to do some reading and "homework" as well as attending regularly on A-days (1-3 p.m.) and B-days (3-5 p.m.), and compete in the races. It is important to note that athletes who enroll in the class should not expect the class to be a free period or a study hall. It is a practice and will last until 3 p.m. rather than dismissing right as school gets out (workout will not be finished). Those not enrolled in the class will practice at 3 p.m daily on both A-days and B-days. Per Nebo policy, 9th grade athletes are not allowed to enroll in the class. Those who do wish to enroll should visit with their school counselor.
As has been the case for several years in high school sports, athletes should register for participation in their fall sport on All of the requirements with the exception of "concussion training" need to be completed by athletes in all sports (including ours) by July 25th -  the day we go to camp. This includes a sports participation physical dated after April 15th of 2022. Forms for the physical are available on the website. Concussion training will take place in August with our athletic trainer at a team practice.
*Athletes, please work on registration this next week. Doing so helps us form our roster as well as avoid wasting time tracking who can and who can't be at practice in August. Thank you to those who have started/completed this process. As you do, please make sure the email listed is the one you want to receive XC information. We are considering moving to sending out information through RMA soon.