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Change your socks and change a life!
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FCCLA and our school have partnered with We Help Two for some awesome socks!  

This organization sells socks for legs- meaning that for every 108 packs of socks we sell, a child in a developing country will get a prosthetic leg.  Below is the picture and description for one of the sweet kids that FCCLA was able to help during our Fall Leadership Conference.

Another amazing thing about this organization is that for every pack of socks sold, We Help Two will match it pack for pack and send us socks to donate to our local community. 

Please shop and get some awesome crazy cool socks while helping a good cause! Please feel free to share our store link with friends and family as well!

Shopping Link HERE or through the QR code on the attached flier. 

Here's all the details:

  • Socks come in a pack of 3 for $10.  Mens, Womens, and Children's sizing available.
  • I have some sample socks if you want to see them before purchasing.  Side note-My husband could be the poster child for these socks, I got him a few packs and he loves them.  They're really that awesome! 
  • You can choose to pay for shipping and get socks mailed to you with quick shipping, or if you choose the "Campaign Host FREE" option your order will be sent to the school and FCCLA will deliver them to you when our sock campaign ends (no shipping cost).
  • Ordering is open now through November 24. 
  • These socks would be a perfect stocking stuffer and will arrive with time to spare before Christmas. 


FCCLA thanks all of you for your support!! 

Story by Jessica Knotts.