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MMHS Attendance Policy
(Abbreviated Version)
Secondary Attendance (Policy JDH)  (Spanish Version)

Philosophy and Guidelines

At Maple Mountain High School, we believe that attentively attending class has a direct impact on student learning and achievement. We are also dedicated to maintaining a cooperative relationship with parents and students in order to support good school attendance.

Student Responsibilities

  • Be to class on time and ready to learn every period.
  • Check out through the attendance office with parent excusal.
  • Make up any unexcused absences or tardies accumulated before the end of the term.
  • If you arrive tardy to class, check with the teacher to ensure you were not marked absent.

Parent Responsibilities

  • Excuse absences in a timely manner (before is best, or within 5 days), and for an acceptable reason (JDH 2.5)
    • Illness, death, medical/dental appointment, family emergency/activity (use “vacation” for extended vacation excuses.
  • Check Aspire / SIS attendance regularly, and contact teachers prior to an extended absence.
  • Verify that your student has checked out with the attendance office before leaving school.

Teacher Responsibilities

  • Accurately mark roll each day, communicate attendance expectations, and communicate concerns with parents.

Administrator Responsibilities

  • Notify parents and students of this policy, ensure daily attendance notification, and ensure notice of truancy.

No Participation List

In order to help motivate student attendance and provide an opportunity to recover lost seat-time, MMHS has developed a point-based attendance system (new, 2019-20). For each unexcused absence or tardy, students will be required to make up hours with attentdance recovery. When a student reaches 10 hours, they will be placed on attendance warning status. The student will then have one week to reduce his or her associated hours below attendance warning status (10 hours).

If the truant behavior continues and the student does not lower his or her hours below 10, the student will be placed on the No Participation List. This prohibits the student from participating in any extracurricular activities until the hours are made up.

Extracurricular activities include:

  • Athletics, Clubs, Arts performances, School trips, Receiving a yearbook, Attendance activities, Graduation ceremony, Other voluntary school activities.
  • In order to try out, apply for, or audition for extracurricular activities such as athletics, drill, cheer, student council, FFA leadership, fine arts, etc., students cannot have more than 10 hours of attendance recovery.

A student who exhibits a pattern of truant behavior and is unable or unwilling to remediate that behavior will be placed in the district truancy program described in JDH 8.1.5 – 8.2, which may include an alternative placement at the discretion of the school administration.

Attendance Codes

  • Tardy (after the tardy bell)
  • Unexcused Absence (absent from class, or arriving after more than half (½) of the total class period)
  • Sluff (verified by school personnel as not being in an assigned area: class, assembly, library, etc., may not be excused.

Attendance Recovery

  • T – 15 minutes
  • U – 75 minutes
  • S – 90 minutes

Attendance Recovery Lab Times

  1. Monday-Friday after school in the Library Computer Lab until 4:00 p.m.
  2. Monday-Friday during lunchtime in the Library Computer Lab.
  • Students must bring homework or a book to read.  No music, cell phones, games, sleeping, or talking is/are permitted.
  • Teachers are also able to award attendance recovery hours (at teacher’s discretion, but not mandatory rehearsal time).

Excusing Absences and Tardies

Parents may excuse absences and tardies within five (5) days by sending a note, email, or calling the attendance office at 801-794-6740 between 7:30 a.m. and 3:30 p.m., or by leaving a message. An excused absence clears a student from truancy; however, it does not remove the absence from attendance records. When excusing an absence, please include the date, time of day, and a phone number where a parent can be reached.

Medical Emergency

If a student misses school because of a major medical emergency such as surgery, under immediate doctor’s care, etc., the parent may exercise the right to visit with an administrator in an effort to excuse the absence. In so doing, if the administrator agrees that such absences fit under a medical emergency, and the parent is in possession of a legitimate doctors note (note must specify exact dates to be excused), these absences will not negatively affect a student’s participation status. They will, however, be responsible for missed work during the time of the absence.  

Citizenship and Attendance Appeals Process

 Any appeals concerning citizenship or attendance must be submitted to the administrator assigned to that student (by alphabet) no later than one week prior to the last day of a term. Appeals should come with appropriate documentation. Appeals are for full-day absences.  Single period absence appeals will not be accepted. Appeal forms can be picked up at the attendance office or found online at

Student last names beginning with A-G, please contact Mr. Nelson

Last names beginning with H-N, please contact Mrs. Krieger-James

Last names beginning with O-Z, please contact Mr. Larsen

Checking on Student Attendance

-Student attendance and grades can be checked at any time by logging into the Infinite Campus Parent Portal at, or it may be checked using the Infinite Campus APP.

-Students are notified with a weekly email that includes the number of unexcused absences and tardies. The email also includes the student’s total number of attendance recovery hours. If a student does not have any unexcused absences or tardies, the student will not receive this email

-Parents are notified with a bimonthly email that includes their student’s number of unexcused absences, and tardies. The email also includes the student’s total number of attendance recovery hours. If a student does not have any unexcused absences or tardies, the parents will not receive this email.