Parent Teacher Student Club


PTSC Website Link
PTSC Membership Information
PTSC Email:  mmhsptsc [at] gmail [dot] com


President: Erin Gren
President-Elect: Open
Secretary: Laurie Dallon
Treasurer: Jeanine Lewis
Membership: Laurie Dallon
Parent-Teacher Conference Dinner Chairman: Angie Workman
Parent-Teacher Conference Report Card Coordinator: Nikki Peterson
Student Service Club Chairman: Jenny Garrett, Bobbi Nelson
Teacher Appreciation Monthy: Jami Peterson, Lanell Ward
Art Festival Chairman: Kara Woodworth
Sucker Sales Chairman: Alison Robison
Sucker Orders: Alison Robison
Membership Drive/Pizza Party Contest Chairman: Laurie Dallon
Val-O-Grams Fundraiser Chairman: Shauna Warnick
Foreign Film Festival Chairman: Kara Woodworth
Master of the Wing Scholarship Chairman: Open
Graduation Party for Seniors Chairman: Kelly Burtenshaw
Teacher Appreciation Week Chairman: Kristin Northcutt
Teacher Birthdays Chairman: Tawni Porcaro
Community Donations & Prize Chairman: Open
Senior Recognition Posters: Open

Check out our Google site for more information about the new Parent Teacher Student Club: MMHS PTSC Web page.  If you have any questions, email us at our new address: mmhsptsc [at] gmail [dot] com.  Follow us on Facebook at "MMHS Parent Teacher Student Club" to keep up to date on our upcoming activities and opportunities to help.