Financial Aid

Financial aid is money that you can receive for your educational expenses. This money can come from differententities such as the federal government, a school or state government. The purpose of financial aid is to supplement the amount you and your family contribute. There are three types of financial aid.

1. Grants-Aid that does not have to be repaid. Grants are awarded based on need.

2Work Study-A federal program that allows you to work on or off campus. This type does not need to be repaid because you are exchanging work for financial aid.

3. Loans-Money borrowed from an institution or the federal government. These educational loans must be repaid with interest.

Students should fill out the FAFSA4Caster to find out what they potentially qualify for.

Seniors should start the FAFSA the beginning of February to optimize their opportunity for aid.

FAFSA codes:



Brigham Young University 003670 
Dixie State College 003671
LDS Business College 003672
Salt Lake Community College 005220
Snow College 003679
Southern Utah University 003678
University of Utah 003675
Utah State University 003677
Utah State University-Eastern 003676
Utah Valley University 004027
Weber State University 003680
Westminster College 003681

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