January Students of the Month

January students of the month. Megan Larsen not pictured.
Sophomore Jezni Widdison
Sophomore Jeson Martin
Junior Megan Larsen
Junior Nathan Jeffery
Senior Chelsea Scutt
Senior Ty Singerman

Maple Mountain High announces the January students of the month.

In five years, sophomore Jezni Widdison sees herself in college working on a bachelor’s degree and living on her own. She also hopes to be traveling and dating the man of her dreams. Jezni’s favorite subject is English because she loves to read and learning about different styles of writing. English helps her to go beyond the surface and gives her a chance to be creative.

Her favorite quote is, "There is no passion to be found in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living." – Nelson Mandela. She explains that “if we’re not living our lives to the very fullest and not reaching our highest potential, then what can we say we’ve accomplished? This quote applies to me because I’m always striving to do my best in every aspect of my life.”

Jezni’s favorite hobbies include playing softball, volleyball, reading, writing, spending time with family and friends, listening to music, and playing the guitar. One thing that makes her different from everyone else is that she has a strong sense of who she is and of who she wants to become.

Sophomore Jeson Martin plans to be attending college in five years. His current interest in school is welding and weight training because they are his most fun classes.

His favorite quote is, "Do the things you want to do before the opportunity passes because any day could be your last." - Unknown. One thing that makes Jeson different is that he always tries to be nice to everyone, and he works hard to keep up his grades.

Jeson’s hobbies include learning to drive my truck, playing on the computer, and playing football with friends. The funniest thing that happened to him was when he fell off the stairs into the bushes at his mom and step-dad’s wedding.

Junior Megan Larsen plans to serve an LDS mission in five years. Her favorite subject in school is psychology. She’s always amazed at how complex the human mind is.

Her favorite quote is, "Life is too short to be wasted on sadness.” – Unknown. This quote says it all to Megan. She explains, “sure, bad things happen to everyone, but the important thing to remember is that those negative things do not have to control your life. Be happier because it’s easier than being sad.”

Megan’s favorite hobbies include spending time with my family and friends because they lift her up and help her become a better person everyday. She learns from them and loves creating lasting memories with them.

Junior Nathan Jeffery sees himself going to college at BYU in five years and expects to be a returned LDS missionary and an eagle scout. He also plans to be in the Cougar Marching Band and have a part-time job. His favorite subject in school is physics. He likes to learn how the world works and why things happen the way they do.

His favorite quote is, "From the day you were born ‘til you get in the hearse, there’s nothing so bad but what it could be worse." – Helen Stirland. He likes this quote because his grandma would always quote it to him when he was having a difficult time. He’s heard it so much that it’s gone to heart.

Nathan’s hobbies are reading, playing the piano, and hanging out with friends. I especially love marching in the band and winter drumline. One thing that makes Nathan different from everybody else is that he shares a birthday with Dr. Seuss, only 91 years apart.

In five years, Senior Chelsea Scutt plans to be almost done with getting a master’s degree in nursing or physical therapy, and she plans to graduate debt-free. Her favorite subject is any music class. This is because they relax her, and she gets to spend time with friends while creating beautiful music. She also enjoys her science, English, and history classes because she finds them interesting.

Her favorite quote is, "A man is but the product of his thoughts. What he thinks, he becomes." – Mahatma Gandhi. One thing that makes Chelsea stand out from everyone else is that she is a faithful Catholic.

Chelsea’s hobbies include skiing and canyoneering, as well as playing the clarinet in Dixieland Jazz. She also loves to listen to music and relax with friends.

Senior Ty Singerman sees himself in five years returning from an LDS mission, getting ready to graduate from BYU with a bachelor’s degree in psychology or media music. His favorite subject is psychology. He loves people and finds it very interesting to study how they think and behave. He feels like the quality of life can be improve by having an awareness of the human condition.

His favorite quote is, "Deserve what you get, if you can.” – His Grandpa. Ty likes that quote as it suggests that life is meaningful because we have worked for the things that we have, not because we have so much. That perspective gives him joy in the tasks of everyday living.

Ty’s favorite hobbies are playing the guitar and drums. His favorite past time is song writing. He has occasionally played in local rock shows and recorded in a studio.