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MMHS Prep of the Week – Sondra Novak

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Thu, 04/28/2011 - 13:40
by Deanna Barton and Kaylie Smith, MMHS Staff Writers
Sondra Novak--MMHS Prep of the Week

Junior Sondra Novak is Maple Mountain High’s Prep of the Week.  Novak broke two school track records at the last meet.  Novak’s track participation includes shot put, javelin, sprint and high jump.  Novak said, “It is fun to watch all the meets because there are so many different events, and it’s a good environment with all the different people in one place doing the same things they love.”

Something that Novak likes about track is that she can keep improving and in the end you see how hard you actually worked.

“The best thing about track and field it that anyone can do it, the variety of events makes it so you don’t have to just be able to sprint; and, the coaches and team make it worth it to show up every day and push yourself to become even better,” said Novak.