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Katherine Wilkins is Maple Mountain’s representative to win a new car

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Fri, 03/25/2011 - 20:45
photos by Jamie Gashler, MMHS Staff Photographer
Chantelle Johnson proxies for Katherine Wilkins
Chantelle Johnson steps in for Katherine Wilkins

Chantelle Johnson stepped in as proxy for Katherine Wilkins while Katherine was on choir tour and was the last to turn the key to win a new car from Ken Garff as part of the Keys to Success school program.    In addition to other prizes given to students by Ken Garff, Chantelle won a new Apple iPad.

Students earn Key Cards by improving academically or setting goals with their teachers.  With their Key Cards, they log on to to pick from a wide variety of prizes.

50 finalists are randomly selected from qualifying Key Card recipients for the Assembly Prize Giveaway.

One winner from each school will represent their school to see if they win the BRAND-NEW CAR live on KUTV News!

To learn more, visit the Ken Garff Keys to Success program at