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Champions of the Water

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Mon, 01/24/2011 - 22:20
by Jamie Gashler and Micala Pearson, MMHS Staff Writers
MMHS Swim Team_2011 Region 8 Competition
AmberLee Bate
Michael Silva
Samantha Jensen
AmberLee Bate

On Friday, January 21, Maple Mountain High swimmers traveled to Uintah in Vernal, Utah, to compete in the Region 8 Championship meet.

Golden Eagle swimmers are Mickaela Allison, AmberLee Bates, Catherine Clark, Erin Davis, Makinsie Davis, Robbyn Hancock, Chole Harlan, TJ Kessiknger, Travis Jacobs, Johanna Jensen, Samantha Jensen, Isaac Nugent, Ben Pendleton, Alicia Pulido, Austin Seamons, Michael Silva, Ethan Snyder, and Taylor Winkel.

Some of the swimmers commented on what they liked most about being on the swim team.

Travis Jacobs said, “Getting in shape and the 50 freestyle.”

“You don’t have to be really tall or thin, anyone can do it. I really like the relays,” said Makinsie Davis.

Samantha Jensen said, “I love the challenge, it’s not like any normal sport, and I love the 50 freestyle.”

“The fact that I’m on a team; we don’t just compete for ourselves, but for each other. I like the fifty freestyle,” said Ben Pendleton.