New Member of Science Department has a Motivating Story

by Nathan Foutz and Ben Besendorfer, MMHS Staff Writers
Science Teacher Daniel Dewey

Daniel Dewey, Maple Mountain High School’s new Physics and Chemistry teacher, is a regular Einstein.  He’s an inventor, teacher, Science Fiction writer, robotics advisor, husband, father, and a man who prefers Wookies over Klingons; Dewey is an exceptional person.  Married to his wife Lauren, with two children, one of his favorite pastimes is to play Legos with his children and take family tricycle rides on a multi-passenger trike he built himself.  His love for inventing has led to many creations, often made with regular everyday objects that most of us would throw away. But he wasn’t always such a “Bill Nye.”

 For those of us whose love of math or science is somewhat lacking, there is hope.  Dewey wasn’t always so keen on protons or parabolas either. In fact, according to him, he was consistently a low scorer in math throughout grade school. It was then that he decided to overcome this challenge.

“I took every math class available at my high school,” remembers Dewey, “In fact I took Algebra 1 three times, but we won’t get into that. That’s another story.”

So what led him to study the field of science?  Well, he sought the answer to a question that every math student has asked at least once in his life: When am I ever going to use this?  A friend in college led him to Physics, which is full of applied calculus and other fun stuff. 

“It wasn’t just a numbers game anymore,” he says.

So naturally, after studying and earning his degree, he was led to teach at the best high school in the state, our very own MMHS. After teaching a half year at Pleasant Grove high school, he’s ready to dive in head first and help students succeed.

“If there was one thing I could teach my students, it would be to learn to teach yourself. I want to instill a desire for learning that will stay with them in all areas of life,” explains Dewey.

It’s clear that we have yet another amazing addition to our teaching staff here at MMHS.  But before we let Dewey return to educating his pupils, we had to ask him a question that the SciFi fan inside of all of us wants answered: Who’s cooler: Captain Kirk or Picard?

“Definitely Kirk,” Dewey positively responds.