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MMHS Attendance Recovery Notification

Submitted by terry.krieger-james on Fri, 01/15/2021 - 15:29

Students and parents,

At Maple Mountain High School, we believe that attentively attending class has a direct impact on student learning and achievement. We are also dedicated to maintaining a cooperative relationship with parents and students in order to support good school attendance. (Please follow this link to read the MMHS Attendance Policy.)

We are pleased to announce that MMHS’s new electronic attendance recovery (also known as detention) notifications will begin 3rd term. Each Wednesday, students will receive an email notifying them of the number of sluffs, unexcused absences, and tardies they have accumulated. The email will also let the student know how many attendance recovery hours they need to make up in order to recover these absences and tardies. Parents will receive the email every two weeks. If a student does not have any sluffs, unexcused absences, or tardies, the student and parent will not receive an email.

If a student has accumulated over 10 hours of unexcused attendance time, it must be made up. Attendance recovery can be done during lunch or after school in the library computer lab. When coming to the library computer lab, please bring school work or a book to read. Absolutely NO cell phones. Please sign in and sign out to receive credit. Attendance recovery may also be done with a teacher during Eagle Hour.

MMHS administration firmly believes that the new notification system will provide important information to students and parents as we work together to help our students attend classes, learn, and be successful. Watch for the MMHS Attendance Recovery Notification emails coming to students and parents next Wednesday!!