Hard Loss for Maple Mountain Soccer

by Terence Wride, MMHS Golden Eagle Globe; Photos by Dallan Brindley, MMHS Golden Eagle Globe
Golden Eagle Hector Mancia heads the ball just into the hands of keeper Brandon Williams
Keeper Will Shelton keeps an eye on the ball as Jordan Daniels drives to the goal
Hector Mancia fights for the ball against Skyhawk's Peyton Pemeberton

Maple Mountain boys soccer team played tough in their first region game on March 30, coming out with a loss of 2-1 against Salem Hills High.  Maple Mountain came out strong, but could not overcome the Skyhawk’s skills.  What was thought by most to be a shut out for Salem, Maple Mountain’s new team held them off, scored the first goal, and had possession of the ball for most of the game.  The game ended with a loss due to a debateable penalty kick, however, the boys competed with class and heart. Maple Mountain is off to a great start and is positive that this will be their first and only loss of the region season.