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Golden Eagles Take Morning Flight

Submitted by ts on Wed, 09/09/2009 - 15:41
by Katie Jacobson, MMHS Staff Writer
A very excited Carly Bastian gives the sunrise breakfast a thumbs up
fromlefttoright Adam Slade Andy Wyllie Aundre Giles Carly Bastian Kami Asay Lindsey Newell and Hannah Savage
Lindsey Newell and Hannah Savage share their enthusiasm for breakfast

On Tuesday, August 25, at an early 6:30 am, the Maple Mountain student council invited and prepared breakfast for the entire student body, faculty, and staff. Fresh orange juice and pancakes were served with warm, delicious syrup which made for a scrumptious way to start the day. The student council’s goal was to bring our community together and to celebrate the opening of our newest high school in a friendly, inviting atmosphere. All who attended enjoyed the opportunity to revive old acquaintances and build new friendships as we together help each Golden Eagle take flight in our school’s motto: Education Elevated!