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Sterling Scholars

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2012 Sterling Scholars
Abbey Eriksson
Kaelynn Allred
Cassandra Hooper
Tyler Clement
Merrill Warnick
Joshua Miller
Madison Blonquist
Kelsey Dominguez
Roberta Graham
David Bates
Emma Dallon
Kambrie Sales
Clayton Spencer

The Sterling Scholars for MMHS are:

Abbey Eriksson - Dance

Abbey Eriksson is the daughter of Paul and Amber Eriksson and was selected as the Dance Sterling Scholar at Maple Mountain High School. Abbey has been dancing since she was four years old. Dance has been a passion of Abbey’s since she was a young girl. Her training includes BYU Children’s Dance, Alonzo King Lines Ballet, Classical Ballet Academy, and Ballet West Academy. She loves to be on stage and share her love for dance with others. She finds joy and fulfillment not only from performing but from choreographing as well. She plans to pursue her dream of dancing at either Utah Valley University or Brigham Young University.

Tyler Clement - Computer Technology

Tyler Clement was selected as the Computer Technology Sterling Scholar at Maple Mountain High School. After taking a business web page design class his sophomore year, he has become very interested in computers. Soon after that class, he participated in an internship with a web development company called IoStream Solutions, and after interning with them for a while they offered him a full-time job as a Web Developer. Since that time, Tyler has taken or plans to take every computer class offered at MMHS. He hopes that this love of computers will lead him to own a computer technology company.

Clayton Spencer - Business & Marketing Education

Maddie Blonquist – Music

Maddie Blonquist was selected as the Music Sterling Scholar for Maple Mountain High School. She has always loved music and the way it can communicate what can’t be said with words, the way it inspires us to create and improve, and the way that it transcends all language barriers, ethnic differences and cultural backgrounds. For her personally, music has been a great gift. It has taught her valuable skills, such as discipline, problem solving and self-motivation. She has been fortunate enough to pursue her study of music with many of the BYU music faculty and has had the honor of performing multiple times at BYU. She has studied piano for fifteen years, viola for seven years, and has recently joined the MMHS Concert Choir. She’s planning on auditioning for piano performance major at BYU, but if she doesn’t get a college music degree, she is glad she will still be able to enjoy this talent for the rest of her life.

Kelsey Dominguez – Foreign Language

Kelsey Dominguez was selected as the Foreign Language Sterling Scholar at Maple Mountain High School. She has studied Spanish for four years and has enjoyed learning more about her father’s culture. Also, she enjoys being able to communicate with her family in Mexico in their native language. She loves to sing and has sung songs in many different languages. Learning a different language has helped her to appreciate songs in other cultures, their composers, and origin so she can best interpret them when she sings. Kelsey also enjoys playing the piano, acting, and being in musicals.

Joshua Miller – Speech/Drama

Maple Mountain High School’s Speech/Drama Sterling Scholar is Joshua Miller. He has been interested in theater ever since Jr. High. He hopes to go to BYU after an LDS mission to continue his studies. Joshua’s goal in theater is to change lives for the better through the theatrical arts – for the audience as well as the performers.

Merrill Warnick – Math

Merrill Warnick was selected as the Mathematics Sterling Scholar for Maple Mountain High School. He grew up with math. His dad taught him how to use binary numbers in second grade and brings home advanced math questions from his research group meetings. His favorite class was Calculus, and he was quite disappointed when he couldn’t take Calculus BC and Statistics this year. Merrill wants to major in mathematics in college, enter academia, and hopefully discover new things about mathematics along the way. Of course, he does other things such as drumline and reading, but math comes the most naturally and seems the most logical and beautiful to him.

Emma Dallon – English

Emmal Dallon is the daughter of Laurie and John Dallon and was selected as Maple Mountain High School’s English Sterling Scholar. She has taken several honors English classes, as well as two AP English classes. Emma is planning to major in engineering in college. She enjoys reading in her spare time and hopes to someday get through her list of 96 books-to-read. Her favorite book is Emma by Jane Austen.

David Bates – Science

David Bates was selected as the Science Sterling Scholar for Maple Mountain High School. Science has always been a big part of his life. Through great activities like Science Olympiad, as well as amazing teachers and fascinating AP classes, his love for science has grown into a real passion. He hopes to go on to study science in college, earn a P.h.D. and work at a university.

Bobbe Graham – History

Bobbe Graham was selected as the Social Science Sterling Scholar at Maple Mountain High School. Bobbe’s love of history was born in 4th grade as she studied Utah history and has continued to grow as she has taken classes in U.S. History, European History, and Government. She has a firm conviction in the strength of our country. Bobbe loves the United States of America and wants to do everything she can to promote the right of life, liberty, and happiness that we have obtained through the sacrifice of our forefathers.

Kaelynn Allred – Family & Consumer Sciences

Kaelynn is the daughter of Garth and Lynnae Allred and was selected as the Family and Consumer Sciences Sterling Scholar at Maple Mountain High School. Kaelynn is developing her skills in baking and sewing and is currently serving as the FCCLA club president. In her spare time, she enjoys long distance running, singing, playing the piano and violin, and photography. She passed on her crown in the Springville Art City Royalty in May and still enjoys spending time at the Springville Museum of Art. Kaelynn looks forward to attending Brigham Young University in the fall and someday having a family of her own where she can put her homemaking skills to use.

Cassie Hooper – Visual Arts

Cassie Hooper was selected as the Visual Arts Sterling Scholar for Maple Mountain High School. Although She does not recall ever officially deciding to become an artist, she does know that it has been a life-long goal that she has never abandoned or second-guessed. Every aspect of her life is influenced by her art, whether she likes it or not. Fortunately, she loves having the ability to create art; it is very empowering for her to know that one can create artwork that has the potential to inspire people hundreds of years from now. She hopes to become that kind of influence someday through the pursuit of a major in studio arts (emphasis in painting/drawing) at BYU or USU.

Kambrie Sales – Trade & Technical Education

Kambrie Sales was selected as the Trade and Technical Sterling Scholar for Maple Mountain High School. She enjoys filmmaking, photography, music and almost anything that has to do with art. She is the Student Body Officer Cinematographer, which keeps her busy making movies for the school and student council. Kambrie says, “My greatest influence would probably be my dad. I definitely got my quirky personality from him, and he has taught me so much about film, music, and art.” Kambrie is planning on going to BYU and wants to major in film or media arts. Her dreams and goals consist of marrying in an LDS Temple, becoming a mother, and making professional music videos on the side.