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September Students of the Month

Submitted by tyler.lewis on Fri, 09/14/2012 - 15:50

MMHS is proud to announce the September students of the month!

 In five years, sophomore Rebecca Bair sees herself being married to a “hot, hunk of a man” and having a blast in college learning new things. Her favorite subjects in school are chemistry and US Studies because she likes learning new things. 

Her favorite quotes are “Instead of asking ‘why?’ ask ‘why not?’ Instead of asking ‘how?’ ask for help.” And “happiness does not depend on what happens outside of you, but what happens inside of you.” – Harold B. Lee. One thing that makes Rebecca different than everyone else is that she can make the best out of every situation and sees amazing qualities in everyone.

Rebecca’s hobbies are drama, reading, dancing in the rain, four-wheeling, and making odd things. She would like to meet Emma Smith because she endured many trials but held good faith. Emma is an outstanding woman that Rebecca wants to be like. 

Sophomore Ariel Flores-Mena sees himself attending college in five years. His favorite subject in school is math because it is challenging and always fun.

His favorite quote is “Be the change you want to see in the world.” –Ghandi. This reminds Ariel that he has to want to be outstanding in order to not be average. One thing that makes him different from everyone else is that he likes to go to school to make people laugh.

Ariel’s favorite hobbies include tennis, football, basketball, wrestling, baseball, and volleyball. He also likes math, playing chess, and watching football games all Sunday long. If he could have a conversation with anyone in history, he would like to go back in time to see what Jesus Christ was like and spend a day with him.

In five years, junior Britney Eldredge sees herself training hard and try to be number one in the crossfit games. She also wants to own her own gym, have a degree, be a millionaire, be dating the Hulk, and master Kung Fu. Her favorite subject in school is health because she learns so much and finds it fascinating. Britney also thinks that Coach Hall reminds Britney of herself.

Her favorite quote is “I am the greatest… I said that even before I knew I was.” –Muhammad Ali. She likes that quote because she knows that we are what we talk about ourselves. If you want to be something, you are your greatest obstacle. One thing that makes Britney different from everyone else is crossfit.

Britney’s hobbies include crossfit, reading, writing, 4-wheeling, jet skiing, spending time with friends, and blasting country music in her truck named Gloria. One of the funniest experiences for Britney was when an old, cowboy grandpa stopped her in Maceys and said, “If I were 50 years younger, I’d ask you to marry me!”

Junior E. Chance Young sees himself studying theater or journalism in college five years from now. Theater is currently his favorite subject in school because it allows him to be carefree and have fun throughout his day.

His favorite quote is, “We are what we do. Excellence, therefore, let us do nothing else.” –Aristotle. Chance likes that quote because he finds it very motivating.

Chance’s favorite hobbies include reading, writing, and riding his trikke. If he could have a conversation with anyone in history, Chance would talk with a dojo sensei from ancient Japan because he wants to be trained as a ninja.

 Senior Cali Heber sees herself finishing a college degree in photography and starting her own business in five years. Her favorite subject in school is photography because she loves being creative and coming up with new, fun ideas for her photos. 

“Keep your chin up,” is Cali’s favorite quote because it reminds her to always look for the positive in every situation and that nothing is ever as bad as it seems. One thing that makes her different from everyone else is that she enjoys getting up early and getting all her stuff done in the morning rather than waiting till the afternoon.

Cali’s favorite hobbies are playing the piano and ukulele. She also loves to spend time outdoors hiking and rock climbing. A funny thing that happened to Cali after she dyed her hair red was when a little girl came up to her at work and asked her if she was Ariel from the Little Mermaid.

Cali would like to have a conversation with Mother Teresa because she’s always admired her for her dedication to service. She would ask Mother Teresa if there was a particular moment in her life that she felt she made a big difference in someone else’s life.

In five years, senior Grant Lamont sees himself going to school at UVU, wrestling, and maybe being married. His favorite quote is, “If you do not train, you will suck,” because it keeps him motivated to work hard.

His favorite subject in school is ceramics because he finds it relaxing and fun because you get dirty. Some of Grants hobbies are wrestling, swimming, mountain biking, running, reading, and playing the ukulele.