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MMHS Ellevés Continue Winning Tradition

Submitted by tyler.lewis on Mon, 12/19/2011 - 08:26
Article and photos by Molly Brenchley.
Mmhs Ellevés
Kimber Creer & Aubrey Finch

The MMHS Ellevés competed in their first competition of the season, The Jordan Beet Classic, at Jordan High School on Saturday, December 17.  The Ellevés competed in the Hip Hop, Lyrical, Military, Dance, and Character categories.  There were ten schools competing in the 4A division.

The Ellevés won 1st place in the Hip Hop category, 2nd place in the Dance category, 2nd place in the Character category, 3rd place in the Military category, and 4th place in the Lyrical category.  Overall, the Ellevés were ranked 1st in the 4A division.  The team was very excited and pleased with their success!

Two Ellevés also placed in the drill down.  The drill down was a combined 4A/5A drill down.  Kimber Creer won 1st place in the drill down and was awarded a medal.  Aubrey Finch won 5th place in the drill down and was awarded a medal. 

The team has been working very hard to continue the winning tradition.  This is the third year in existence for Maple Mountain Ellevés, and they are a young team with ten sophomores.  They are looking forward to their next competition, which will be held at Juan Diego High School on January 7th.