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Homecoming Week Activities

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Fri, 09/24/2010 - 14:06
all photos by MMHS Newspaper Staff
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students celebrate homecoming as nerds
Pow team wins 2010 Powderpuff football championship
Elleves Drill Team Wins 2nd Place in Powderpuff Football
Karina Segura (left) and Aubrey Schuring (right) enjoy ice cream social
MMHS Nerds from left to right--Calley Bankhead, Cassie Gleason, Carly Bastian, and Tucker Austin
Tanner Coomes, Austin Lowe, and Bradley Griffin show their heads off
Chad Flake shows his school spirit
computer nerds have "nerd spirit"
Jake Harding and Christena Birkhofer show their homecoming spirit on hat day
Josh Watson and Bria Heckel show their school spirit for homecoming
Karina Segura and Talon Hone as Nerds
Nerd, Lauren Bushman
seminary students show their nerd day homecoming spirit
Shalee Hiskey, Sophomore, runs with the ball for PowderPuff