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The Crowning of Miss Springville/Mapleton

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Wed, 03/16/2011 - 20:33
By Deanna Barton and Kaylie Smith, MMHS Staff Writers
Alex Murillo Crowned 2011 Springville_Mapleton Queen
Alex Murillo Crowned 2011 Springville_Mapleton Queen
Alex Murillo_2011 Springville_Mapleton Queen
Alex Murillo_2011 Springville_Mapleton Queen

The evening of March 12 was a very exciting time for 12 local contestants. These girls were competing for the title of Miss Springville/Mapleton.  Contestants participated in four areas:  Interview, talent, evening gown and swimsuit competitions. The 12 contestants had to have a platform for what they wanted to do to help the community.  Seven of the contestants were from Maple Mountain high school; they are Alex Murillo, Abbey Eriksson, Chelsea Dean, Mackenzie Davis, Nicole Killian, Madison Memory and Carly Bastian.

This year’s Miss Springville/Mapleton is our own Golden Eagle senior, Alex Murillo. Murillo competed with 11 other girls in a close competition and came out on top.  Murillo said she ran for Miss Springville/Mapleton because it teaches you about confidence and improves your interview skills.  She worked every day after school for two months and had no spare time on the weekends.  

One of the requirements for the competition was to raise at least $100 for the Children’s Miracle Network, which is the chosen charity of the Miss America Organization. Murillo spent time going to several businesses asking for donations and gathered a total of $340, the most in the competition. Murillo said that she was so scared and excited, but relieved at the same time when her name was called as the new Miss Springville/Mapleton.

Along with being Miss Springville/Mapleton, Murillo was awarded most photogenic.  As part of her duties, she will be promoting her platform, “Live for Music,” a program that helps keep music and the arts in local schools.  In addition, she will attend city council meetings, parades, ribbon cuttings and tutoring/talking at elementary schools. Murillo will be attending the Miss Utah Pageant in June 2012 and is very excited. The advice she has for girls running next year is, “To be ready for hard work, have fun and be yourself.”

1st Attendant was Abbey Eriksson a junior at Maple Mountain High School.  Eriksson was among 11 other girls for running for Miss Springville/Mapleton. Eriksson decided to run for Miss Springville/Mapleton because one of her friends has told her about it and she also thought it would be fun to lead in the community.

Eriksson’s platform was about raising awareness about international orphans. Eriksson chose this platform because she has a little sister that was adopted form China and she wants to see how she can make a difference. Eriksson raised $150 for the Children’s Miracle Network, in order to be a part of Miss Springville/Mapleton the girls had to raise $100 each.  Eriksson said she had a positive experience and would do it again.  Eriksson also received a $50 scholarship for Miss Congeniality which made her happy and she wasn’t even expecting to have her name be called because she had already won something.

In addition to Murillo, Eriksson will have duties including attending parades, city council meetings for both Springville and Mapleton, Art city days, community service and working on her platform. Eriksson lastly said to those girls running next year, “Don’t go into it expecting anything and have a positive outlook.”